Each year, the MWHA recognizes a horse as an exemplary representative of the breed. MWHA members are encouraged to nominate horses they feel have shown in the show ring, in versatility activities, on the trail, as sires or dams, or promoting the Tennessee Walking Horse in other ways.  

To nominate a horse for Horse of the Year, download the 2016 nomination form (Word or PDF).

2015 Horse of the Year - Secret's Favorite Harmony

Submitted by Arabelle Gilchrist


Why I think my horse should be horse of the year is because she is amazing. Also because she moves very well. Her name is Tosca and she is 13 years old. She was born on the farm where I learned how to ride. I learned how to ride on her mom, Harmony. I think Harmony had the best baby ever. I think Tosca has the best gaits for a walking horse. I got her for my birthday. I thought she was a pair of shoes that were on backorder because she got here late. My birthday is on May 1st, and she got here on May 10th. I think she is the best horse ever, and she loves nobody except for me. The first time I rode her I could tell right away that she would be my best friend. I think she is the best horse ever.