Each year, the MWHA recognizes a horse as an exemplary representative of the breed. MWHA members are encouraged to nominate horses they feel have shown in the show ring, in versatility activities, on the trail, as sires or dams, or promoting the Tennessee Walking Horse in other ways.  

Nominations for 2019 Horse of the Year are now being accepted! Fill out your nomination here by December 1, 2019.

2017 Horse of the Year - Nickelette

Submitted by Tine Donahue

2017 horse of the year 2.jpg
2017 horse of the year 1.jpg

I would like to nominate Nickelette as Horse of the Year as I feel that she really exemplifies the versatility of the Tennessee Walking Horse. In the past six years from when I got her until now, she has grown from a horse afraid of her own shadow, into a horse that not only has a very nice gait but also a horse that will do anything that she is asked to. She started out as a trail horse and has grown into much more than that, while still spending countless hours on the trail. Nickelette has made us Iron Butt Champions for five years in a row. She has participated in endurance rides, mounted orienteering, and goes camping on a regular basis, including MWHA sponsored trips. She is a mounted patrol horse for the Steele County Mounted Posse and in that capacity has participated in search and rescues, patrolling at the Steele County Fair, parades, representing the State Posse at the Horse Expo, as well as many different types of training venues. She does all of this willingly and is a great representative for the breed in the public eye. I did not think that I would be showing her, but this changed a few years ago when we went to the Doc Bol show. She exceeded my wildest expectations and since then she has participated in several shows each year, including the Celebration, State Fair, and Washington County Fair. She competes in All Day Pleasure classes, but afterwards she has excelled in the versatility classes and games. She really seems to like to let loose and has won many blue ribbons in those classes. She has represented MWHA at the Minnesota Horse Expo, and also participates in several MWHA sponsored events each year. Nickelette has grown into a wonderful companion who greets me every time I come to the barn with a big nicker, and patiently carries me into continuous adventures. This is why I nominate Nickelette, my special companion, to the the MWHA Horse of the Year.