The MWHA offers a Versatility Program to recognize horses that excel in a variety of disciplines. MWHA members can download the Programs Application (Word or PDF) to get started.  



Only gaited horses owned by MWHA members will be eligible for year-end awards. If the nominated horse is owned by more than one person, all owners shall be current MWHA paid members and only one owner needs to pay the “Nomination Fee” each year.

Categories in this program can’t be counted toward other high point programs. (i.e. Iron Butt, trail riding or driving program points)

Trophies and Awards:

A Champion and Reserve Champion will be awarded based on total points.

One point is earned per event. * Each event has to have been signed off on by an event secretary or manager * 
If the event has multiple categories it is counted as one event (1 pt) i.e. Dressage one day and trail obstacle the second day and you participate in both would earn 1 point for the event. Rail class show that has trail obstacle, you participate in the trail obstacle and rail classes would count as 1 point for trail obstacle.

Points in two or more categories required

Noncompetitive Categories

While many Tennessee Walking Horse/gaited horse owners do not take part in the various fields of competition, they often promote the horse through their participation by various equestrian organizations.

  • Group Rides: These are organized rides.

  • Exhibition: One additional point will be given for each presentation in the arena.

  • Demonstrations: A demonstration at any type event.

  • Mounted Patrol: When on patrol or official capacity or official search and rescue. This does not include training.

  • Parades

  • Clinics: One point will be given for each day of Clinic participation, not auditing.

  • Public Relations: This includes events like school field trips, visits to retirement centers etc.

Competitive Categories

Each of the events in the categories below will count as one point. If there are multiple categories at the event it is still only counted as one point.

  • Endurance: Long distance rides over natural terrain running against time and other horses entered the race.

  • Competitive Trail: Distance trail rides judged within mandated time limits on natural terrain and points being based on the physical condition, behavior, etc. of the horse before, during and after completion of the ride by ride officials.

  • Rodeo: A horse used in working events such as steer wrestling, roping (single or team), cutting, team penning, goat tying, etc. Generally if cattle or other livestock are involved, the class is considered a Rodeo event.

  • Games: A horse ridden in gymkhana and play day events with the outcome determined by electronic timer or other means of timing and/or elimination. These are not judged events. Some examples are keyhole race, barrel race, pole bending, flag race, etc.

  • Performance: A horse shown in classes that have levels of difficulty such as dressage, driving, jumping, combined training events, reining, trail obstacle classes, etc. Typically horses perform solo in a ring or arena.